Unfortunately, disagreements do arise between tenants, landlords, agents, and private accommodation providers. To help avoid unnecessary conflict, here are a few handy tips:

  • Communicate. Make sure any disrepair or problems are reported immediately;

  • Follow up. Any verbal conversations should be followed up with an email for record purposes;

  • Give it time. Landlords, agents, and private accommodation providers typically have 7 working days to respond to any reported disrepair or problems;

  • Keep to your side of the bargain. Tenants must keep to the terms of their tenancy agreements and should refer to the contract as and when needed;

  • Do the basic. Tenants are responsible for light maintenance to the rented property. For example, changing the light bulbs.

  • Check the inventory. At the end of the tenancy, tenants are advised to refer to their inventory and return both the property and its contents in the same condition as it was upon moving in.

  • Take photographs. Before moving out, tenants should take photographs of the property to prove that all is in order.

Home Stamp supports both members and students to resolve disputes so that an amicable outcome can be reached. The scheme can help by referring members to the appropriate contacts at the university in which the student studies.

It is recommended that open communication is maintained by both members and students however the scheme appreciates that disagreements can arise. If you are experiencing difficulty with a student tenant and require support and guidance, please contact us.