Before moving out, it is important to check the tenancy agreement and inventory. These documents will outline what is expected of tenants when moving out. If tenants have any questions, they should contact their landlord, agent or accommodation provider for guidance.

Tenants of a shared property are all jointly responsible of the condition of the accommodation when handing the property back at the end of a tenancy. Do not leave the cleaning of the property to one housemate as you may be charged for a professional clean.

Do not forget to inform the Post Office, lenders, banks and subscription providers of a new forwarding address before moving out. Tenants cannot rely on post being forwarded by the new tenants of the property.

Any unwanted  & unopened tins, cans or non-perishable food can be donated to a local food bank. To find out where the nearest foodbank is, click here.

Additionally, any unwanted furniture or belongings can be donated to a local charity or recycled. To find out further information click here.