Living in off-campus accommodation doesn’t mean that students have to live in disrepair. Students should be aware that there are certain standards landlords, agents and private accommodation providers have to maintain.

Here are some examples of hazards that could potentially occur in any off-campus accommodation:

  • Excess cold. Is the student accommodation warm enough? If rooms fall below 16 degrees Celsius then the accommodation may benefit from additional insulation.

  • Damp and mould. Are there black marking on the walls? This cold be a sign of damp and mould which could lead to various illnesses if left untreated.

  • Falling on the stairs. Carpet loose on the stairs and in need of repair? Falling on the stairs is one of the most common accidents in the home.

  • Falling on level surfaces. Uneven floors or loose wires can cause trips which can lead to serious injuries.

Students who notice any of the examples listed above should contact their landlord, agent or private accommodation provider in the first instance.